We are the market leader in the design, production and service of electric arc furnaces (EAF), for over 38 years.

Harmonic Filters

5th Harmonic Filter for a 4.5MVA DC Arc Furnace installed for the Antimony Plant…

Resin Cast transformer and water-cooled Furnace

A water-cooled Resin Cast 6600V/235V 1.8MVA transformer as well as a …

First DC Arc furnace powered by natural gas driven turbines

Coupled to installing the first Vanadium FeV DC furnace powered by natural gas, KFT installed…

Largest Antimony DC Furnace Technology in the World

KFT has just commissioned a world-first DC-Furnace green-fields project, which will represent the…


Presently Keech is manufacturing a plant to produce Antimony metal for installation in…



  • Commissioned the largest Antimony Plant outside China
    & the cleanest Plant in the world in Middle East


    • Furnace Plant built according to European CE standards
      for refining of silicon metal fines less than 20 microns in France

    • Furnace Plant to refine silicon fines less than 20 microns in RSA

    • Desktop DC Furnace – prototype for smelting of all types
      of waste materials in RSA

  • Installed 33Kv surge suppression equipment to four
    furnaces which was a world first in RSA


    • Furnace with new technology developed to automate smelting
      process for the recovery of base & precious metals from discarded
      printed circuit boards in Morocco

  • Installed surge protection to the secondary bus tubes of large
    furnaces in RSA


  • Desktop Furnace for research & development of catalyst
    material for coal to oil process in RSA


  • Production furnace designed & built for 24 hour continuos processing
    of both silicon metal & ferrosilicon from less than 20 micron fines in in RSA


    • DC furnace melting scrap from the client mine to produce
      steel balls for the their mine in RSA

  • FeSi pilot plant to process fines which increased the value
    of the product 5 fold in RSA


    • Designed & built a 275 kVA AC Furnace for remelting Copper scrap
      to enable refining & ingoting in Morocco

    • Designed & built a pilot furnace to develop a process to recover silicon
      metal from less than 20 micron fines increasing its value by 5 times in RSA

  • DC furnace to recover PGMs from diesel catalyst convertors and
    platinum rich slags in RSA


  • Copper carbonate smelter exported to smelt copper carbonate
    by client in DRC


    • World’s first Ferrovanadium Plant – powered by natural gas
      driven turbines in Australia

  • Designed, built and installed the first Copper carbonate
    smelting plant in kasumbalesa in DRC


  • Installed Harmonic filters and power factor correction plant enabling
    an average and consistent Power Factor of 0,99 over the past 15 years in RSA


    • Largest AC Furnace for Tin in Southern Africa – designed &
      exported for production of high quality tin

  • Designed, built and installed the first DC Arc Furnace to process
    vanadium oxide to ferrovandium in RSA

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